Solid Wood Drawer Boxes

Our standard solid wood drawers are 5/8" thick sides fully assembled and ready to install. Dovetails are sanded smooth and finished after assembly. We stock three main species of solid wood material. Hard Maple, Superior Grade Beech, and Color Grade Beech. Other species available with extended lead times, contact for more info.

Hard White Maple

Maple's high density makes it very strong, and incredibly durable. We hand select it to be free of defects with minimal color variation and no knots or worm tracks. Its high quality and color make it a great choice for any cabinet interior..


  • 5/8"
Sized maple drawer

Superior Grade Euro-Beech

Known for its uniform color and stability, this traditional European hardwood is an excellent choice for density, color, and cost. The light pink and brown color blends well with any interior.


  • 5/8"
Sized superior2white

Color Grade Euro-Beech

Our most popular solid wood drawer, color grade European beech has all of the same attributes as the Superior grade, but allows for grain color variations within a natural spectrum. This choice also provides a better pricing option compared to superior European beech and Maple.


  • 5/8"
Sized color grade

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