Drawer Solutions

Solid Wood Drawer Boxes

Our standard solid wood drawers are 5/8" thick sides fully assembled and ready to install. Dovetails are sanded smooth and finished after assembly.

  • Hard White Maple
  • Superior Grade Euro-Beech
  • Color Grade Euro-Beech
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Sized color grade

Ply-Wood Drawer Boxes

Two Options of 15mm (5/8" nominal) Baltic Birch plywood are available.

  • Factory Finished Baltic Birch Ply-wood
  • Pre-Finished Baltic Birch Ply-wood
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Sized birch drawer

Melamine Drawer Boxes

We offer three different styles of Melamine dovetailed drawer boxes that have flush top edges, with Industrial Pine Core that shows on dovetailed ends.

  • White Melamine
  • Black Melamine
  • Hard Rock Maple Melamine
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Sized hardrock maple melamine

File Drawers

We offer file drawer options for both standard and legal size paper. Aligned with either front to back, or side to side 1" aluminum rails. Minimum drawer height is 101/4".

  • Standard Letter (SLTC)
  • Standard Letter Right Aligned (SLTR)
  • Standard Letter Left Aligned (SLTL)
  • Standard Legal (SLGC)
  • Standard Legal Left Aligned(SLGL)
  • Standard Legal Right Aligned (SLGR)
  • Standard Letter and Legal (SLLC)
  • Standard Letter and Legal Left Aligned (SLLL)
  • Standard Letter and Legal (SLLR)
  • Lateral Letter (LLT)
  • Lateral Legal (LLG)
  • Lateral Letter and Legal (LLL)
  • Double Row of SLT (SL2)
  • Double Row of Standard Letter/Legal (SLL2)
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Sized file drawer

Roll Outs

Several different roll out options are available

  • Standard Scoop
  • Show Front
  • Narrow Scoop
  • Ear Drawers
  • 5/8" Bottom Lip
  • Tapered Drawer
  • Angled Tapered Drawer
  • Curved Tapered Drawer
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Sized img 2152

Standard Integral dividers

Standard Integral divider drawers have dividers running front to back. Custom options are available, but sketch must me available with applicable dimensions. See examples.

  • 1SE
  • 2SE
  • 3SE
  • 4SE
  • 5SE
  • 6SE
  • 1SC
  • 2SC
  • 3SC
  • 4SC
  • 5SC
  • 6SC
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Sized integral divider

Lateral Integral Dividers

Lateral Integral divider drawers have dividers running left to right. Custom options are available, but sketch must me available with applicable dimensions. See examples.

  • 1LC
  • 4LE
  • 2LE
  • 1LE
  • 5LE
  • 6LE
  • 3LE
  • 3LC
  • 2LC
  • 4LC
  • 5LC
  • 6LC
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Sized lateral divider 3

Standard Adjustable Dividers

Standard adjustable divider drawers have adjustable dividers running front to back in the drawer.

  • 1SADJ
  • 2SADJ
  • 3SADJ
  • 4SADJ
  • 5SADJ
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Sized standard adjustable pins

Lateral Adjustable Dividers

Each lateral adjustable divider drawers come standard with pre drilled holes (drilled 32mm on center), Adjustable pins, and amount of dividers selected. Any drawer height available.

  • 1LADJ
  • 2LADJ
  • 3LADJ
  • 4LADJ
  • 5LADJ
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Sized lateral pins 2

Specialty Drawers

We have an array of specialty drawers sure to accommodate most any drawer box need Check these out and let us know if you have any questions.

  • Sink Drawer U
  • Sink Drawer R
  • Sink Drawer L
  • Corner Drawers
  • Straight Tapered Drawer
  • Angled Tapered Drawer
  • Curved Tapered Drawer
  • 3/8" Thick Directly Applied Bottom Drawer
  • 1/4" Thick Directly Applied Bottom
  • P/K Rollout Shelf
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Sized sink drawer

Grid Integral Dividers

Dividers will be equally spaced running both front to back and side to side. Slot groove only provided for grid with single divider each direction only. All other multiple dividers will be inserted within drawer sides tightly (no slot groove)

  • 1Sx1LGE
  • 2Sx1LGE
  • 3Sx1LGE
  • 2Sx2LGE
  • 2Sx3LGE
  • 2Sx4LGE
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Sized grid divider